Sunday, November 20, 2011


Friends have been coming and going all my life, and it is interesting how you meet each one of them.  I was really lucky to be able to hang out with my dear friend Ashlee last night, and we just spent hours talking, while our husbands talked and talked and talked about sports.  I am very lucky to have Ashlee in my life, and I very much appreciate her.   So I thought I'd add our first picture together as a throwback :-)
 Something that is really neat is that we both got married this summer, and we were in each other's weddings.  Here is our first wedding.... I got married, and she was my bridesmaid
 And here was our second!  This time, our roles were reversed.  She was the bride, and I was the bridesmaid
We all get wrapped up in our everyday lives, so today, I say that I am extremely fortunate for my friends, and Ashlee, you're one of the greatest!  You're an amazing friend, wife, daughter, and teacher, and I'm lucky to have you in my life!!

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