Saturday, November 17, 2012

30 Days of Thanks-- Day 17

Today, Day 17, I am thankful for unexpected time with my husband.  I wasn't expecting to see him today, and he wasn't needed at the cabin to rake leaves, so I got to see him!  I babysat this morning but he was able to go to a birthday party with me this afternoon for one of the cute little boys I babysit.  After that, he ran errands with me.... YES, I did just say that he ran errands with me!  What a treat!!!  While we were running errands I convinced him to buy the new video game he has been eyeing up for a few days, so he was a happy camper!  Pair that with dinner and now an entire night to play the game and that leaves tons of time to catch up for me and to plan out the meals for the week and everything I need for Thanksgiving!  Great night!!!

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