Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Thanks-- Days 22 & 23

Today, Day 22, I am thankful for my family.  It has been an entirely hectic day, and I can hardly stand up straight because my back hurts so much, but I wouldn't have been able to pull off my First Thanksgiving without help from my parents and mother-in-law.  We ended up rearranging the entire house, dining room table went to the kitchen, kitchen table and a folding table went to the dining room, but it went great, even if my Mom did clog my sink with potato peels and we had to wash dishes in the bathroom sink ;-)  This was our first major holiday missing our favorite little girl, so it was really important to be together.  She was on our minds of course all day, and it was a struggle to make it through the day, but we will take one day at a time.  Holidays make you realize just how important and irreplaceable your family really is!!

Today, Day 23, I am thankful for my Mom.  While my husband, Dad, and father-in-law worked for almost 5 hours unclogging the kitchen sink, she helped me clean and organize almost my entire house.  She even helped me clean up the kitchen once the guys were done using the machine that got crap (literally) all over the place as they cleaned the clog out of the pipe 25 feet away.  Then, my Dad and husband hung another shelf for me in my pantry, so I was able to move some of the food around.  She helped me organize not only the pantry, but every other cabinet in my kitchen, and the all over the house!  Cleaning is one of my least favorite things to do, but I had to have gotten my love of organizing from somewhere, so it was gret to have a second person there with me.  We threw away lots and lots of stuff :-)

Also, last week, when I wrote about the Eagles game, she even went to the grocery store and packed our lunches for the week since we ere gone all day.

How did I get so lucky??


  1. Thanks for not mentioning my role in the sink disaster. I am thankful that I am the lucky one.