Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy-- After

I am very pleased to announce that we did not suffer ANY damage from Hurricane Sandy this week!  We were off of school Monday and Tuesday due to the weather, and we only lost power briefly on Monday.  Unfortunately for Jason, since we lost power once, we were on edge about losing it again.  He got up every few hours to make sure the power was still on.

So since we ended up with power, Tuesday was a great day to be lazy and do what we wanted.  Jason of course went to play poker, and I watched a new show that my in-laws recommended, Revenge.

At first I was hesitant to watch it it because the main character in Revenge was in Everwood, a show I used to love growing up, so it was hard for me to see her differently.  But once I got passed that, it was awesome!!!  I couldn't stop watching it and I watched all 22 episodes from the first season and the first few episodes from season two in a matter of two days.  For those of you who haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it!  The show definitely kept me occupied during Sandy!!

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